Week 10 Review A very up and down week for the column with the most ‘bad’ plays since Week 3. In general, this was a tricky week in DFS and you can read about my lineups and what went right and wrong for me over on my $100 Bankroll Challenge article. The biggest surprise of... Continue Reading →

NFL DFS Deep Dive: Week 7

Week 6 Review What an absolute peach of a week for the column. Terrible week for me to be too busy to play virtually any DFS when almost every player I liked went off. I was in London for the Jaguars win over the Dolphins and combined with driving almost six hundred miles that day,... Continue Reading →

NFL DFS Deep Dive: Week 5

Week 4 Review Whilst Week 4 was damaging to my bank roll, it might have been the column's strongest week this year. Quarterback was a perfect three out of three with Hurts (QB3), Darnold (QB1) and Ryan (QB5), all smashing their value range. Every week however one group seems to let us down and in... Continue Reading →

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