F10Y Week 7 picks

A late fixture change sees Sunday Night Football included in this weeks DFS main slate game. With some extra players to choose from and following a bye week personally in DFS, I'm back and feeling good to add some more dollars to the winning pot. QB - Aaron Rodgers, $7,000 - Lets be honest, can anyone... Continue Reading →

Shaun’s top lineup

If you are looking for “expert advice” then a word of warning before you go much further, I am no fantasy football expert! That sentence alone though is one of the very reasons that I love playing DFS each and every NFL Sunday. No worries about injuries. No worries about players on bye weeks. No... Continue Reading →

What is DFS?

What's better than season-long fantasy football?! - Doing it fresh every single week, that's what, and that's exactly what DraftKings allows you to do. Did you miss out on that key man in your draft, did some sneaky bastard take him 2 picks in front of you after you'd waited for 20 picks knowing exactly... Continue Reading →

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